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Why You Should Not Sleep On Local Fashion Boutiques

"I do not have anything to wear tonight!" We have all been there before. Rummaging through our piles and piles of clothes looking for the perfect outfit with the perfect shoes that's matched with the perfect purse. We often take this opportunity to hit up the mall to buy not just the one outfit for the night, but possibly three or four more outfits. Sometimes, you see the same old thing at the mall though. Other than online shopping, is there another alternative? There are. Boutiques.

Boutiques are those cute little shops set up randomly throughout town. In its own sense, it is a modern day girl's dream closet. You will never have to worry about seeing your outfit on more than three or four other people. This is the complete opposite than when you buy a shirt from Forever 21 or a dress from Windsor. Just think, you may have grab that shirt of the rack, but that same shirt can be found in malls across the country. Having that unique item, and knowing that a person with a love for fashion chose to put that in their store especially for you.

I was a fan of boutiques long before I even started modeling. Not only do you find the cutest clothing, but the people who work there are just so nice. I move around quite a lot, and the first thing I look for in my town are the local fashion boutiques. In it's own essence, fashion boutiques are what often make cities charming. The clothing you find there, are so unique, that you rarely ever have to worry about finding someone else with that exact piece.

From Fall to Winter and to Summer you can fill your entire closet with pieces from fashion boutiques. You can make it a to do item when you travel, because the chances of you picking up that same item in a different state is rare.

If you are ever in downtown Raleigh in North Carolina, check out Gypsy Jule. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has its own "House of Fashion" that carries all your latest fashion styles. Chicago, IL "Splurge Boutique" gives you all the reasons to splurge. Headed to Santa Cruz beach any time soon? Stop in San Jose for a swimsuit at Skiesazul and finally my personal favorite, "Ibiss" located in San Jose California, will never let you down when you just can not find something to wear.

Image Credit: Ibiss Boutique (Instagram: @ibiss)

"In it's own essence, fashion boutiques are what often make cities charming"

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