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Height:65.5  Bust: 32B  Waist: 27 Hips: 34 Dress: 2  Pants: 1  SHoe: 7.5


Skies Azul Model     (Print)                                               Skies Azul

Proper Fashions                                                               Model (Runway) Aretha Franklin Tribute Fashion Show(Oakland)

The Model Experience                                                     Model (Runway) The Model Experience Fashion Show (LA)

Union Square Take Over                                                 Model (Runway) The Union Square Takeover Fashion Show (SF)

RAW Artists - Ultra Cat                                                     Model (Runway) RAW Artist Fashion Show (SF)

Charje                                                                                Model (Runway) San Francisco Art Salon

SF West Coast Leather                                                    Model (Runway) San Francisco Art Salon

SF Fashion Community                                                    Model (Mannequin) SF Fashion Community Soirée (SF)

GG Connections Model (Runway)                                   Tet Festival

Mía Marmee        Model (Print)                                        Mía Marmee

Atelier Vertex Model (Print)                                             Glady´s Magazine

Ultra Cat (Print)                                                                 Faddy Magazine

Lime Scooter (Lifestyle Model)                                        Lime Scooter



TV/ Film

Elev8Valley Promotion Video                                                                Customer (Featured)

Fashion on Film 2019                                                                             James Bond short film Model (Featured Extra) (Sacramento)

Academy of Art -Student Film (Mei) Flipside                                        Donna (Featured Extra)

Academy of Art - Student Flim (Issa) All about Leon                           Camille (Featured)

Academy of Art - Student Film Ace & Evelyn                                       UPS Customer (Extra) (Heather Wilson)

Jameson  Whiskey                                                                                 Hand Model

Earnin                                                                                                      Customer (Featured Extra)     

What Could Have Been (SF Shorts Fest Winner)                                 Tron (Lead)                                                                                    


John Casablancas Female Modeling

    Make Up (Daytime, Evening, Television and Print)

    Hair (Basic and Creative Hair Design)

    Fashion Basics and Wardrobe Analysis

    Fabrics & Color Coordination/Accessorizing

    Television Acting Skills (Audition Procedures, Cue Cards, Prop Utilization, Shared Scene Interactions)

John Casablancas Skin Care Workshop 

John Casablancas Commercial Audition Workshop

John Casablancas Advanced Runway Workshop

Premiere Runway Workshop with ANTM Contestant Brittany Shuran

Academy of the Art University  - Major: Acting

Academy of Art University - Acting Summer Intensive (7 weeks)

Coco Rocha Modeling Camp


Spanish, Modeling/ Runway, Light Piano, Boxing, YouTube editing, Weapons Handling (USMC Veteran), Marching, 

Hobbies: Working Out, Drawing, Painting, YouTube Videos, Writing, Studying languages, studying piano, blogging

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