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Updated: Sep 15, 2018


I remember a point in my life when I was at my lowest. Everything I started, I could not finish, every relationship I had, I always ended, and everything I tried to win, I lost. I sank down this dark hole, and as I sunk, I tried to grab for anything, everything, and anyone. It was when I fell to the very bottom, and saw everyone succeeding, did I snap out of it. Yes, life throws you the worst circumstances, and after all we are only human, but there comes a time when you tell yourself “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

We often hear successful people say “Giving up is not an option.” This however is more easier said than done. There are times when we reached that point where our self esteem is low, and becomes our worse enemy. Low self esteem introduces you to self doubt, fear, and low confidence. We have to understand that our worse critic is ourselves. Artists are appreciated around the world, yet they can tell you everything that is wrong with their work. We all know that it is illogical to be perfect, yet we seek perfection through everything we do. It is when we do not achieve it do we get frustrated with ourselves. In order to achieve the art of not not giving up, we first have to understand exactly what makes us want to give up.

  1. The first major one, as said above, is that little critic in the back of our head. Sometimes that critic is whispering their critiques, and other times and SCREAMS their critiques. These critiques can prevent us from seeing out worth and is likely to encourage ourselves to quit, or even start something. This ultimately leads us to self sabatoge.

  2. We often focus on the end result of our goals. We forget to look at the journey and prepare for that journey. With success, you do not just wake up and become successful. With every success route, there is a process. In this process, there are experiments gone wrong, life’s unpredictability, ideas that may need tweaking, plans that needs planning and so on.

  3. Lack of discipline. With anything in life, consisitency is important. If you do not have the discipline, you will not have the consistency. Again, your dreams and goals will not fall into your lap. Hardwork and determination is required.

With these reasons as to why you could possibly give up and quit, there are reasons why you should not.

  1. You could be right at the point of success and you do not realize it. You could be quitting the second before your moment arrives. You just never know.

  2. Knowing this, you will start to question WHAT IF a be forever haunting. This can lead you to self remorse, and lead you to be one of those folks telling stories about how you almost became an actor, or how you started to write a book, or how you always wanted to travel out of the country.

  3. Ultimately, you will regret it. You will look at people who are successful, and your thoughts will be, “Damn, that could have been me.” And you are right! It could have… IT STILL CAN BE.

So what is the art to not giving up? It is once again more easier to say than do, but you got this.

  1. BE RESILIENT. You will be knocked down, you will even shed some tears, and you will question everything. Push through and be resilient. Resist the urge to give in to your insecurities, your self doubt, and low self esteem. You have the ability to push through everything, after all, the human race did not get to where it is at by not being resilient.

  2. KNOW YOURSELF. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses, know yourself inside and out. After that acknowledge it. It is easy to say, “Yes, my phone is a distraction, and I will turn it off;” but it is hard to actually do it. So know yourself and seek improvement. Do it small steps. If you are a procrastinator, make to do lists, and complete it before the day ends. If you do not know everything about the field you are going into, seek knowledge.

  3. SELF APPRECIATE. We often are so hard on ourselves that we forget to stop and actually appreciate our accomplishments, our skills and our worth. No matter how small it is, appreciate it. That skill and accomplishment will ultimately be the reason why you are successful, you njust do not realize it. People also are afraid to self apprectiate because they think its being too egotiscal, or too cocky. In truth however, if you cannot appreciate yourself, how can others appreciate you the way you desire.

The art of not giving up has multiple ways for you not to give up. I can keep going, but then I matter as well write it into a book. I am here to simply tell you that you can do this. Do not quit. You are so close to what you can accomplish, you just do not know it. You have to go after what you want. You have to fight for it, because no will fight for it for you, neither can anyone fight as hard as you can for what you want. Quitting is not an option.

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