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Hello Knit Hats and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


Fall is upon us!

Hello to pumpkin spiced lattes,candy corn, Halloween makeup tutorials, knit hats and knee high boots. With the change of seasons, come changes in wardrobe. Gone are our beloved tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. I am excited to share with you all there is to know about 2018 fall fashion. With that being said, let’s take a look into 2018 fall trends.

This past summer, we saw the color mustard-yellow make a strong come back. Well, this color has yet to make an exit in the fashion world. You can definitely say that the color mustard-yellow is here to stay for another season. This color can be gorgeously matched with blacks, a purple shade such as “rasin,” and a maroon shade.

(Photo Cred: @ibiss - Instagram)
Fall 2018 - Top available at Ibiss.

Fall 2018 (Photo Cred: @cristiana_alexis instagram)

Fall 2018 - Top available at Ibiss. Instagram: @ibiss

 (@jasmeannnn & @damoorephotography)
Photo Credit: Reggie Moore via Jasmine Brown Instagram.

Our next fall trend this season, is oversized sweaters and oversize shirts, worn like a dress with knee high boots to accent the look perfectly. I am sure you seen this style worn by your favorite Instagram models already. This style can also be worn with some fresh kicks or some sexy stilettos. This look is perfect for chilling with the buddies to night out with the girls.

Photo Credit: Reggie Moore via Jasmine Brown Instagram.

(@jasmeannnn & @damoorephotography)

Is it getting little chilly in here or is just me? Hoodies will forever be in season, whether it be zipped, pull over, or even cropped. This Season, cropped hoodies and crop hoodie sets are extremely popular. Pair this with a cute pair of distressed jeans, and fresh kicks.

Photo Cred via @kelsey.mariah instagram.

Instagram: @gunplayclothing

Instagram: @mysterieux.brand)

Wondering if it is time to put away the bright and playful colors this season? Well not this year. With Mustard yellow making a comeback, here are some common colors you will see this fall. Click the arrow on the slide show to see all perspective colors of fall.

I hope this helps all my fahionistas! Stay unapologetically you! 'Til next time... xoxo

-Cristiana Alexis

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